How to Turn Off Avast Antivirus Temporarily Disable Quickly

By | December 3, 2017

Guys m this post you can learn how to turn off avast antivirus temporarily very easily, using this you can know how to disable avast antivirus for short and long time. As e now that Antiviruses are there to protect your computer from various malware and spyware.

However, there could be chances when you might have looked upon to remove them from your PC. You might have got conditions in which you need to disable or turn off your antivirus programming on your PC. Situations like, when you are attempting to install or simply download other applications, Avast antivirus is obstructing the establishment and not letting you do so.

You get pissed off in any such condition when you are up to introduce anything new. You need to turn off your Avast antivirus security while you browse the website or download any particular application. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you need to uninstall the program from pc.

You can rather simply stop Avast antivirus for quite a while. Additionally, you can block some of the specific levels of scanning of Avast Antivirus, you might opt for it. Either you turn off the Avast Antivirus or delay it’s scanning by obstructing some of the shields.

How to Turn Off Avast Antivirus Temporarily Disable Quickly

How to Turn Off Avast Antivirus Temporarily: Some Methods

If you need to disable your Avast Antivirus in case it’s blocking any particular website or program you may use the Avast Exceptions/White-list. Here’s the step to step guide on the best way to turn off or disable you Avast 2017from your PC. Whether you want to disable it temporarily or permanently following instructions will come quite handy to you. Whatever product of Avast antivirus items (Free Antivirus, Pro Antivirus, Internet Security, or Avast Premier) you are using these steps will be helpful.

Quick Snapshot of the process:

  1. Right-tap on the Avast orange symbol in the Windows framework plate.
  2. Select Avast shields to control and select for whatever time period you want to block it.
  3. Confirm by clicking Yes on asked.

Let us get the more elaborated guide for you.

  1. Disable or Turn Off Avast Completely (All Shields)

Disabling all Avast shields completely which implies removing the entire Avast Antivirus digital security system. So, before you go for it make sure you really want to remove the antivirus from your PC.

  • Just explore the Windows address bar and locate the orange Avast symbol.
  • The orange icon by default remains in cover in a few Windows frameworks, so tap on arrow if don’t find one.
  • When you discover the symbol, play out a right-tap on it, search for the choice ‘Avast shields control’,

 Avast shields control

  • And select one of the choices there – disable for a) 10 minutes; b) 60 minutes; c) until the point that PC restart; d) permanently.
  • Whatever option you select, Avast will ask for your confirmation.

Avast component stop

  • Select ‘Yes’ to reconfirm your choice.
  • Thus, Avast and all its shields you have selected will get disabled for whatever time period you had opted for.
  • If you want to know that whether you have disabled Avast or not, open its main window.
  • This will show you an alert message in red color which says “You are in Danger”. Click to turn on next to the option “Sheilds are turned off”
  1. Turn Off/Disable Avast Temporarily (Specific Shield(s)

Avast additionally offers a choice to briefly turn off/disable any particular shield instead of killing all shields. Once more, make sure you realize what and why you’re doing it. Let’s understand this

  • In this process, open the main Avast UI(User Interface).
  • Go to settings (in the bottom left corner of the main Avast UI). Now go to Components (or ‘Active Protection’ in the more established adaptation).
  • You will get all Avast shields like; File System Shield, Behavior Shield, Mail Shield or Web Shield).
  •  Check all options of various shields and click on the options you want to disable.
  • When you tap on your opted shield, you will see four alternatives – Disable the shield for a) 10 minutes; b) 60 minutes; c) until the point when PC restart; d) permanently.
  • Simply select the period you need and tap on it.
  • If the shield has been effectively turned off, you should see the change to ‘OFF’ and the main window ought to be yellow with the message ‘You’re in danger’.
  • To re-enable Avast, Click on ‘Turn on’ button by the side of tab ‘Some shields are turned off’. It should turn green with the message ‘You’re protected’.
  1. Uninstall Avast Antivirus Completely

When none of the options discussed above solves your problem, you should go for uninstallation of the Avast Antivirus. Despite the fact that we firmly restrict you to do this as Avast is definitely the best free Antivirus accessible. However, if you are sure to go for uninstalling the Avast Antivirus;

  • ‘How to Uninstall/Remove Avast Antivirus 2017’ or download the straightforward expulsion device called Avast Uninstall Utility.
  • From the control board, tap on ‘Uninstall a program’ and after that discover Avast! in the rundown.
  • Go to ‘Uninstall/Change’ and avast! will lead you to a setup menu.
  • Click on ‘Uninstall’button at the bottom then click on ‘Next.’ You’ll get a prompt that “an attempt has been made to uninstall avast!”.
  • You need to confirm that by clicking on “uninstal” button and an uninstallation process will follow. Proceed further as guided by prompt and restart your computer to completely uninstall Avast.

Power uninstalling on a PC

In case you’re encountering the obstruction take a stab at utilizing the avast! Uninstall Utility. Just select the avast! the item you wish to remove. Click ‘uninstall’ and confirm that you need to uninstall the program from your PC.

In case you’re getting a mistake message saying that the ‘self-protection module’ is avoiding uninstallation. In such case, you have to go to Troubleshooting option and uncheck the tab that says “Enable avast! self-protection module.”

Despite the fact that we have utilized Avast Free Antivirus 2017 screenshots in this article, these means are additional material for all Avast Antivirus arrangements (i.e. additionally for Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Internet Security, or Avast Premier) running the most recent variant accessible. Steps are significant for all Windows forms – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (counting Anniversary Update).


This is all because of the security reasons though; however, on and off possibilities are that some of the required application for your interests might get into Avast scanning system which causes trouble for you. Many a time programs are developed in such a manner that it misses the genuinity.