What is Avast Safeprice? Complete Review

By | December 29, 2017

Avast is one of the top rated antivirus software available in the market. Before use you should know about what is avast safeprice reviews, One you will know what is avast safe price review then sure you will get many features about this. So now come to point and talking about this.

It is primarily used by millions of users all across the globe to protect the PC from virus threats and malware. It is pretty simple to and protects the PC from all sorts of viruses and threats. Users who surf the internet most are likely to get effected by the viruses and threats. Avast provides best internet protection ever for the users.

Users can browse safely and securely with Avast installed in their PCs. It is a free antivirus program and has got simple user interface. It is available for MAC and Android as well. You can get best antivirus protection with Avast. It has got largest threat-detection network using which works wonders in detecting all types of threats.

The machine-learning protection offered by Avast is praiseworthy and has no competitors at all. Unlike other antivirus softwares, Avast does not slow down the speed of the PC or its performance. It is also quite easy to manage password with Avast. It offers zero-day threats and is pretty easy to install.

Users can performs scans every now and then with Avast for security and performance issues. The antivirus scans the system for security threats and suggests you how to fix things on an instant note. It offers real-time protection by dealing with unknown or new files before they harm your system. It is most trusted antivirus in the market at present. Get complete info like about avast safe price review same as Avast VPN Review.

avast safeprice

Avast Safeprice

Avast has plenty of features to offer and the new one to join the list is Avast Safeprice. As the name suggests, Avast Safeprice offers best prices, deals and coupons on shopping online by providing price comparisons and coupon extensions.

Loyal users of Avast can make best use of Avast Safeprice to get their hands on the Avast products at best prices ever with price comparison and coupon finder online. In short, Avast Safeprice is a browser extension that will help you shop online for almost everything you want to buy. It is a part of Avast Online Security browser extension and has wonderful things to offer.

The Avast Safeprice will help the users break the deal. It will notify the users as to which shop in the list is trustworthy and where to buy the products at cheaper price. It will notify the user through a small bar on the top of the browser.

This will in turn help the user to shop with vendors who are of trusted source. Users can get their hands on the best deals and with the help of this Avast Safeprice browser extension. It will also save your time of manually searching for such deals and offers.

How to use Avast Safeprice feature?

In order to use the services offered by Avast Safeprice, users need to first install the respective plugin and enable it on your PC. Users can then go to the online store in which they want to shop and search for the item they want to place an order for.

This will automatically activates Avast SafePrice and that will start its hunt for the product in the most trusted sites for cheaper price. On successful search, it provides a list of best deals and offers online on the product that you want to purchase. In order to get your hands on the product, you need to click on the deal and that will direct you to purchase the product at cheap price.

SafePrice performs search of the products for cheaper price in the background and it will show the pop up saying ‘Lower prices found!’. You can find the best deal in orange tab while others will be listed in offers list.

what is avast safe price

Other than shopping, users can also use Avast SafePrice to find best deals on hotels online. They can book hotels while traveling for a new place. Users will be given a list of hotels that are available for cheaper prices and you can choose the best deal of hotel as per your requirement.

You can search as per the price criteria. You can find cheap hotels at Avast SafePrice easily without much manual effort. Other than that, Avast SafePrice is completely free and does not disturb the user by showing up all the time. Users can enjoy smart shopping with Avast SafePrice. You can even get rid of draining your wallet in the name of shopping by making use of the best deals offered by Avast Safeprice.

Features of Avast SafePrice

There are tons of features that Avast SafePrice offers to its users. Below are few of them.

  • Users can get the best deals on their browser with SafePrice.
  • There won’t be any scams or fakes in the offers or deals provided by SafePrice.
  • Users can not only get best deals on products, but also on hotel bookings and travel deals.
  • There are hundreds of verified sites from which it lists out the deals.
  • It is a free extension or plug-in and can be installed in no time.
  • Save your hard-earned money by using the best deals with SafePrice.
  • It scans tons of trusted sites in the background and displays the best deals, prices and discounts.
  • Users can simply see a bar on the top of the web browser and find best prices and deals from there.
  • Reduce the excess browsing to other websites for checking the price and simply have Avast Safeprice instead.

 How to disable Avast SafePrice pop-up

If you don’t like to see the pop-up shown by Avast Safeprice on your browser while browsing, you can simply disable it and it will be disabled for 24 hours. You can disable Avast SafePrice for all sites if you want or can just disable it for the site you are currently operating on by clicking on the settings icon and choosing the respective option. Users can also completely disable Avast SafePrice on all the web portals.

In order to do so, users need to go to Avast>Online Security Settings. You can also go there by clicking on Options in the green icon on the browser or by going to Extensions. Uncheck the SafePrice extension so that it gets disabled totally.

Avast SafePrice Plug-in Download

In order to download Avast SafePrice Plug-in into your PC to make use of all its features, you can simply get it from Chrome Web Store. If you are using Chrome browser, you need to download the extension from Chrome web store while for Internet Explorer and Firefox, it comes automatically with Avast. On installing Avast Antivirus on these two browsers, users will get the SafePrice extension automatically.

Can the user personal info be removed in real time?

The data that was shared by the user is absolutely anonymous and users need not worry about the security for their info. SafePrice communicates data with the server, the products the user is in quest for, and the URLs of the websites that users visit.

The identifiable info of the user is taken from the data in real time and the data stays absolutely anonymous. It then checks for cheaper prices or coupons with our third party partners and does not touch the identifiable data.sss

Instead of installing third-party softwares to find the best deals and offers, users of Avast can make use of this plug-in offered by Avast officially and get the best offers, deals and coupons ever on products you want to purchase.