Avast Cleanup Activation Code 2018 (License Key, Serial)

By | December 1, 2017

Avast Clean Up is a PC Optimization tool which cleans up your PC and speeds up your computer. If you will get avast cleanup activation code free then sure it will amazing. This is available in all the variants of Avast Antivirus Solutions; for example, 2015.10.3.2224+ versions. Prior to July 2015, another tool, Avast GrimeFighter solved the cleaning purposes which is now obsolete and can’t be updated.

Though it is not free a free trial option is available. Avast launched in July 2015 by the name of Avast Clean Up. This is a free product of Avast available to users all versions.

Avast Cleanup Activation Code Fre

Avast Cleanup Activation Code 2018 (License Key, Serial Key)

People keep on hunting a free Avast Cleanup License Key over the internet. Here, we would like to clarify that there are no such keys available over the internet. Whatever, your search results suggest downloading that will bring malware to your PC ending up creating more trouble for you.

There is no free license available. There is a fee applicable to the Avast License Key which costs for the 1 year is $37.49 . The price, however, seems to occur quite a great arrangement contrasted with every one of the highlights and advantages.

Coins of activation

  • Makes your PC cleaner and speedier
  • You can hard drive Frees up space.
  • Removes superfluous applications.
  • Optimizes your framework registry.

You can Make Computer faster

To run a sweep and distinguish the issues you can get free actuation key.

Open anti virus >> go to Scan>> Scan for Performance Issues.

Once Scan is done, you can actually look up to the number of issues altogether you will get. To know more regarding the issue go to “Details” then go to “Optimize my PC”.

This will clean up your computer. However, you may fix the problem itself after knowing the issue in case you have some expertise in it.

Or else move to the next level that is the optimization one. The cleanup will improve your PC’s speed and performance. Avast Cleanup comes as a piece of the Free Antivirus, Pro Antivirus, Internet Security or Premier. Or, then again you can download and utilize Avast Cleanup independent application without utilizing Avast antivirus.

Avast Cleanup Code: Pricing: How Much Does it Cost?

For complete Activation Code for Avast Cleanup or License Key the user needs to pay a price. However, you can utilize it together. Looking at the PC optimization services it provides considered reasonable.

You can buy Cleanup specifically from your firewall. For that, you need to go to ‘Performance’ tab and then tap on ‘Cleanup’ option and you will get consequent offers while going through the cleanup procedure. These prices are as follows.

  • 1-year permit $37.49
  • 2-year permit $67.49

How to Activate

After you buy the full permit for this, you have to activate the product. Following are the procedure to be followed for Avast Clean up/ Activation. You may opt any one of these.

  • Check your email address and
  • Now simple check for licence key there.
  • Go to Settings > Subscription > Avast Cleanup > insert activation code > Next > check “Yes” to “Activate License”.
  • Click on it and your Avast Clean Up will get activated automatically afterward.
  • If you are unable to find the email regarding your activation code,
  • Open Avast Anti virus account and,
  • Now go to ‘Account’.
  • Now register yourself as a new user or else log in to your Avast account.
  • Make sure you use the same email ID which you used while buying Avast.
  • When you are signed in and you can check buy licenses, locate anti virus and tap on “Use License”.

Avast Cleanup License – How to Disable Avast License

Whenever the Avast Cleanup shows warning prompt or not letting you browse to a particular site, you might have faced problem. It becomes clear that your PC is facing some threat but also you know that navigation to a particular site is important. There occurs the need to disable the Avast Clean Up License. You can disable with following way.

  1. Open Settings (interface in the left-base corner) and then to “Components”
  2. Find ‘Cleanup’ then change to off state (switcher ought to end up plainly red)
  3. Click OK to confirm.

Now you won’t find any such prompts. To check this you may try scanning to go to “Scan for Performance Issues”. You won’t get any issues as the result that means the keys have been disabled.

Avast Cleanup: Uninstallation and Removal permanently

There could be many times that even after you disable Avast Clean up for certain period or you turned off certain shields of the Antivirus, your navigation still stuck. The speed of your PC is not up to the mark. You are unable to download files important to you from certain sites.

This is the time for you to completely disable the smart scanning ass from your system; remove the Avast Cleanup completely from your Computer. Here is the way how you proceed to disable Avast Clean up permanently. It’s not that tough. You can do it yourself; just follow the steps

  1. Go to ‘Control Panel’ of the Windows of your PC to find ‘Programs’. Now click on the tab saying ‘Uninstall a program’

  Control Panel

  1. When you click on “Programs” you will find all programs list in the rundown menu. On the rundown menu locate the Avast antivirus.
  2. Click on ‘Uninstall/Change’, you will find a tab of ‘Continue’, click on it.


  1. Now go the Avast tool > then to ‘Cleanup’. Click on it and tap on the ‘Continue’ button.
  2. This will lead you to the message saying ‘The product was successfully updated”. Once you get it click on ‘Done’.

product was successfully

Thus, Avast Clean Up code gets completely disabled from your PC and now you can continue with your work without any interruption.

Avast Cleanup: Refund and getting your Money Back

Many a time a buyer of Avast Cleanup feels that this Optimization tool is somehow not working fine on your PC system or you decide you didn’t want the product. In such circumstances, Avast permits you to get your money refunded.

However, the time period for such decision to be made is only 30 days. Avast Cleanup tool giving 30-day unconditional refund opportunity. You need to go through the below mentioned step to get your money back.

  1. Navigate the site www.avast.com/bolster
  2. Visit Support. Locate ‘Paid Subscription’. Now find ‘Avast for Personal Computers’. Then go to ‘Windows PC’ option.  You need to find ‘Avast Customer Service’. Now you can raise a ticket for your request for a refund. Make sure to keep your ticket number saved for further inquiry.
  3. Find the tab for ‘Discount asks for’; fill the details here.
  4. You will get connected with care people to help you with their refund processes.

Your request should be fulfilled within seven days as normal.