What is Avast Behavior Shield 2018

By | December 6, 2017

Avast is one of the highly used antivirus software by most of the internet users. But most of user don’t know about What is Avast Behavior Shield and more about behavior shield avast, You know it has tons of interesting features that make it highly usable. Avast has recently introduced behavior shield whose main purpose is to constantly scan background processes.

It was the exact time last year when ransomeware virus entered the systems and made such a big fuss. Around 28 million ransomeware threats were reported around the world. Behavior Shield is introduced by Avast to address such type of typical threats that are difficult to deal with. It works in conjunction with real time analysis.

As the name sums it up, Behavior Shield actively monitors the behavior of the processes running on the computer without keeping track of what the user do, but how the software behaves. For instance, if a PDF program tires to download something in an unusual way,

It will detect it immediately and stops the behavior and reports the same to the user and also to the threat labs. It was quite an interesting move by the team of Avast to introduce such a shield to protect the systems from malware and virus programs pretty easily.

Avast Behavior Shield

What is Avast Behavior Shield 2018

Avast has recently released its PC product, Avast 2017 that uses CyberCapture, which is intended to scan threats beforehand. It acts as a protection layer to the PC and has its work in various stages. It protects the PC from threats in different stages. The latest layer to join the list is Behavior Shield.

Behavior Shield provides real-life security to the system in important aspects. Instead of checking the programs that are running on the PC initially like other protection shields do, it performs checking on the ones that have already gone through security checking.

It carefully monitors the behavior of each program and if it identifies any unusuality in the program, it monitors it more closely. If it identifies anything fishy it will halt the process and reports it to the user.

User can therefore act in time to avoid any coming damage. For instance, if your Microsoft word opens excel files, which is unlike what it actually does, Behavior Shield acts immediately and reports the same to stop the impending damage.

impending damage

Though it sounds pretty easy to read, the process involves complex steps. When it comes to keen monitoring, Behavior Shield does it greatly. It keenly monitors individual processes in the OS, their code injections, relations etc. It uses artificial intelligence like neural networks in handling this monitoring task perfectly.

Also, the Avast Cloud comes to help when it comes to putting all the actions at a place and allowing them to get super fast response. The interesting thing one can do with Avast is that; users can protect their system against zero-second threats, malicious programs and cyber spying on passwords and bank account details, which is generally not possible using usual detection methods.

detection methods

The highlighting feature of Avast Behavior Shield is that it is said to have the features that can work against ransomware than any other protection shield in the market. Though there are many kinds of ransomware samples all over the internet, which makes it difficult for any hi-fi security shields,

Avast Behavior Shield has the ability to easily find any kind of threats. It is capable of detecting and halting new and morphed versions of ransomware that you haven’t been dealt with earlier. It is even difficult to identity such things using other existing protection mechanisms.

As it is quite powerful, there are some doubts that it could even report false or minute things. Nevertheless, with the help of huge cloud-based database, it is possible to filter these easily. If you want to exclude a program that you blindly trust from Behavior Shield eyes, you can do so simply by adding it to the exclusions list of the Shield.

Also, a copy of all the reported files shall be sent to Avast for manual inspection, so the false positives won’t be repeated more than once. Luckily, Behavior Shield is available in all versions of Avast including Avast Free Antivirus. It does not require you to activate or set up to start protection against any ransomware or other malicious viruses, it just protects through online.

Behavior Shield Settings

  • In order to modify Behavior Shield settings, launch Avast, open Avast user interface and go to Settings>Components and click on Customize next to Behavior Shield.

Behavior Shield

  • In the Main Settings, you can specify which action to take if a threat popped up.


  • You can specify the folders or programs that you want to exclude from scanning of Behavior Shield in Exclusions.

Behavior Shield in Exclusions


The main intention of the shield is to halt malicious code from disturbing the system functions. Luckily, Behavior Shield is available in standard versions protecting from zero-second threats, ransomware and other malicious programs.